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and prevent improper payments
Working with SIU’s
of Private Insurers and
large Employers to fight fraud
Got insider information?
We counsel, protect and
reward whistleblowers.
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United to fight fraud and corruption in healthcare.

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Lo Tignov provides investigative services, research and medical expertise to help government entities, private health insurers, self-insured employers, and whistleblowers expose healthcare fraud and recover improper payments.

By collaborating with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, TriCare, Office of Inspector General, Indian Health Services or other government entities, Lo Tignov can help identify and investigate fraudulent billings. Lo Tignov also teams with the Special Investigative Units (SIU) of Private Health Insurers and self-insured employers. They work with Federal and State Governments as well as Federal Agencies including the Office of Inspector General.